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Agricultural Commission  Members                                                     Term Exp.

(Two Year Term-3 Regular Members, 2 alternates)
David Petrovich, Chair         ....................2014
James Person                      ....................2014
Sandra Evangelista             .....................2015
Rickey Evangelista, Alternate ...................2015

Henry Woods Building - First Floor 
40 West Street 
Barre, MA 01005
Phone: (978) 355-2504  ext. 103 & 104

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 
10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

Meetings held:
Henry Woods Bldg
1st & 3rd Tuesday


Public Services
Assessments (real estate & personal property)
Abatements (real estate, personal property, motorvehicle)
Tax Exemption Forms
Tax Maps
Elderly & Veteran Exemptions
Certified Abutters List

The Barre Board of Health has Transfer Station Stickers available in office beginning today June 3 the cost is $50 per sticker. If you have not returned your annual census you will not be granted a sticker. Please visit the Town Clerks office to complete the census. If you have any questions please contact the Board of Health 978-355-2504 ext. 117


Henry Woods Building
Second Floor
40 West Street Box  431
Barre, MA 01005

Phone: (978) 355-2504 ext.117 
Fax: (978) 355-5009

Alternate Health Agent: Phil Leger
Administrative Assistant: Andrea Mastrototoro

Office hours: Monday 2pm - 8pm
                    Tuesday 9am - 5pm
                    Wednesday 2pm - 6pm



Dana Mascroft, Chairman 2013
Margaret Frost Member 2014
Dr. Samuel Pickens Member 2015

Meetings: Henry Woods Building 2nd Monday of the month 5:00 pm, Selectmens Meeting Room


Public Services (fees may apply) Perc Test Application, Submit Plans for Septic Systems, Well Permit

Applications ,Food and Milk Permits,Tobacco Permits, Recreational Camp Permits, Septic Installer's Permits,

Septage Collection Permit, Disposal Works, Respond to Housing and Nuisance Complaints,

Transfer Station Stickers, Rubbish Hauler Application.

Please use the Forms page to print out your Applications.

Henry Woods Building - Second Floor 
40 West Street, Box 697 
Barre, MA 01005-0697
Phone: (978) 355-2504 Fax: (978)355- 5023

Office Hours (Or by appointment):
Monday through Thursday 9am - 4pm
Closed Fridays

Town Administrator: Heather Lemieux


Administrative Assistant: Faye Zukowski 
Chairman Richard Jankauskas Term Expiration 2015
Vice Chair Leif Ericson Term Expiration 2017
Clerk Kathlyn Inman Term Expiration  2016

1st & 3rd Mondays @ 5:30 p.m. in the Henry Woods Building, 40 West Street, First floor in the Selectmen's Meeting Room. If 1st or 3rd Monday is a holiday, then the meeting is held on Tuesday of that same week. Please see to view all posted meetings and agendas.

Public Services 
-Licenses (Liquor, Motor vehicle, Automatic Amusement, Common Victualler, Innholder, Entertainment, Lunch Cart, Sunday Entertainment, Auctioneer's License, Hawker-Peddler's License) 
-Preparing town meeting warrant and articles to be voted upon
-Annual Town Report

Town Meetings are open to the public and dates are set by the Board of Selectmen. The Annual Town Meeting is usually held on the 2nd Monday in June at 7 p.m. Only registered voters of Barre are allowed to vote on warrant articles. The last day to register to vote for the Annual Town Meeting is 20 days prior and 10 days prior for Special Town Meetings (Excluding if last day falls on weekends or holiday).


Henry Woods Building - Second Floor
40 West St - Box 370
Barre, MA 01005
Phone: (978) 355-2504 Ext 105

Fax: (978) 355-5009

Office Hours:
Monday 7:30am - 2 & 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 2
Thursday 7:30am - 3:30


The Town of Barre has adopted the Stretch Code "Appendix 120 AA" at the Annual Town Meeting June 20, 2011.

The Stretch Code goes into effect Jan. 1, 2012.

Information can be viewed at the Department of Public Safety website.


The Board of Building Regulations and Standards approves the Eigth Edition of the Building Code






No Building Permit is necessary to construct a shed if it is less than 200 square feet. However, you  are still expected to observe the setback requirements outlined in theZoning By-laws of the Town of Barre.

Setback is: minimum of 5' from the side & rear property lines.

Building Inspector - George Ricker


Administrative Assistant - Andrea Mastrototoro

Phone: 978-355-2504 ext 105  Fax: 978-355-5015
* Please note address in subject line of email

Electrical Inspector - Darrell Sweeney

Phone: 978-355-2504 ext 105 Fax: 978-355-5015
* Please note address in subject line of email

Inspection days & times Mon. & Th. evenings after 4:30pm

Plumbing Inspector - Byron Carpenter

Phone: 508-882-3308 Fax: 978-355-5015

Gas Inspector - Tom Monfreda

Phone: 978-928-5158 Fax: 978-355-5015


Important links:

Construction Supervisor License check

Home Improvement Contractor's Registration

Plumbing, Gas & Electrician license look up

Department of Industrial Accidents

Building Code/BBRS


Jason Pimental (Chairman)
Wilbert Lincoln
John O'Leary

Henry Woods Building
Third Floor
40 West St.
P.O. Box 697
Barre, MA 01005-0697
Phone: (978) 355-3418 Fax: (978) 355-3418


Hours are by appointment only

2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month
Henry Woods Building

Committee Members
Ronald Rich, Chairman  2015

John O'Leary  2013

Floyd Kelley  2014

Michel Merle  2014

Kurt Wells  2013

441 Wheelwright Rd.
Barre, MA 01005
Phone: (978) 355-5013  Fax: (978) 355-3425

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 6:30am-3:00pm

Superintendent: Jason Pimental

Administrative Assistant:
 Shannon O'Connor

Working Foreman: Richard Jankauskas
Equipment Operator: 
Truck Driver/Laborer: William Ward, Mark Robbins, Eric Qualters
Mechanic: James Desrosiers


DPW Commission Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00PM
Location: DPW Building- 441 Wheelwright Rd.

Wastewater Treatment Facility
411 Wheelwright Rd.
Barre, MA 01005
Phone: (978) 355-5020  Fax: (978) 355-5034

DPW Superintendent:
 Jason Pimental

Chief Operator:
 Thomas George  5C
Assistant Chief Operator: Stephen Leger 3M
Assistant Operator: Scott Churchill

Administrative Assistant: Shannon O'Connor

Office Hours
Monday through Thursday
6:30am to 3:00pm

Sewer Commission Meetings

3rd Thursday of each month @ 4:30pm
Location: D.P.W. Building-441 Wheelwright Rd

441 Wheelwright Rd.
Barre, MA 01005
Phone: (978) 355-5013  Fax: (978) 355-3425

Superintendent: Jason Pimental

Chief Water Operator:
 Michael Stelmach

Assistant Chief Operator: Shawn Fitzgibbons

Administrative Assistant: Shannon O'Connor

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday
6:30am to 3:00pm 

Water Commission Meetings
1st Wednesday of each month @ 7:00pm 
Location: DPW Building- 441 Wheelwright Rd

40 West St.
Barre, MA 01005


Finance Clerk:  Toni Walker


Henry Woods Building
1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month


David Tuttle, Chairman   2013

Claire Adomaitis, Vice-Chair   2013

Brian Inman, Clerk  2015

Ted Twarog   2014

Mark Staiti   2014

Diane Cook  2015

Bernie Jwasnewski   2014

49 Grandview Terrace
Barre, MA 01005
P: (978) 355-6643


First Friday of the month at Grandview Terrace at 12:30pm 

The Barre Housing Authority administers subsidized public housing for Elderly/Handicapped and Family residents.

  • Located at 146 Ruggles Lane, Barre (Grandview Terrace), are fifty-two (52) units of Elderly/Handicapped Housing.
  • Located at 39 Main St. South Barre (Bradford Apartments) Four (4) units of Elderly/Handicapped Housing and ten (10) units of Family Housing.

Residents of both developments must meet income and asset eligibility guidelines set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development. Elderly residents must be at least sixty (60) years of age. Handicapped persons have no age limit however; they must meet the state regulatory definition of handicapped persons.

Applications for housing may be obtained by phone (978)355-6643; by mail or in person at the housing office located at 49 Granview Terrace. Universal applications for state housing may be obtained via the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development website;



Board Members

The Board is composed of four (4) elected members and one (1) state appointee.

Frank Q. Jones, 20 Dana Road - 44 Edward Lane -   term to expire 2013    
Bernice Clark - 218 Walnut Hill Rd- (to replace Charles N. Gouin original term to expire 2010) - term to expire  2009
Grace M. Yaglou  -   728 Walnut Hill Rd -  (to replace James H. Bowren's term to expire 2011)   term to expire 2009
Marion B. Dwight - 146 Bldg 3-Ruggles Ln #36 (to replace Raymond T. Howard's term to expire 2012)  term to expire  2009

State Appt.   VACANT DUE TO RESIGNATION OF R. Pellegrino, 109 Bentley Rd  2009

Ellen M. Glidden, CMMC

Henry Woods Building - Basement 
40 West Street
P.O. Box 418
Barre, MA 01005-0418
Phone: 978-355-5003 (Ext. 5) Fax: 978-355-5025

Hours Open To The Public 
Monday and Wednesday evenings
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
9 a.m. to noon & 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Beginning November 19th 2007 the Town Clerk's Office will no longer be open on Fridays or Saturdays unless otherwise mandated or posted.  This change is per order of the Board of Selectmen by shutting down the Henry Woods Building Thursday evenings through Monday mornings to conserve energy and for budgetary reasons. 

Requests for copies of documents should be mailed to the address above.
When picking up documents, please call in advance.

New town residents should register with the Town Clerk. Click here for Census Form.

Dog Licenses are annual licenses from April 1st to March 31st. All dogs 6 months of age or older must be licensed each year with the Town of Barre. Licenses are only available thru the Town Clerk's Office and may be purchased in person or by mail. 

In order to license your dog you must present the following items to the Town Clerk Office;

  • Dog License Application.
  • A copy of a valid rabies certificate.
  • A spayed/neutered certificate (if applicable) for first time licensing dog.
  • A check made payable to "Town of Barre" for correct amount. Mail to the Town Clerk; P.O. Box 418, Barre, MA 01005-0418.
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope to have it mailed back


Male and Female             $15.00

Neutered & Spayed          $10.00

Transfers                       $2.00

Late fee (after June 1)     $20.00 each dog.  (unless it is a new dog or you are a new resident licensing for 1st time).

The last day and time to Register to vote for the February 6th 2012 Special Town Meeting will be 8:00 p.m. on Friday, January 27, 2012.

The last day and time to Register to vote or to change party affiliation for the March 6th 2012 Presidential Primary Election will be 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

The last day and time to Register to vote for the April 2nd 2012 Annual Town Election will be 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

The last day and time to Register to vote or to change party affiliation for the September 6, 2012 Primary Election will be at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 17, 2012.

The last day and time to Register to vote for the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election will be at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 17th. 

Residents who are not already registered to vote, may do so at the Town Clerk's Office located at 40 West St in the basement of the Henry Woods Building OR by filling out a "mail in" voter registration form (available at most state or federal agencies) and mailing it (post marked on or before the last day to register) to the Town Clerk, PO Box 418, Barre, MA  01005.





Precinct #1: Barre Senior Center, 557 South Barre Road
Precinct #2: American Legion Post 2 (formerly Post 404), 450 South Barre Road

If you are not sure which precinct you are registered in you should contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 978-355-5003 Ext. 5 prior to voting day.

Collector Nancy A Talbot                                (978) 355-2504 ext 133 or 118
Henry Woods Building - Second Floor 
40 West Street Box 387 
Barre, MA 01005-0387 
Phone: (978) 355-2504 Fax (978)355-5032 

Office Hours: 
Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
9:00 a.m. to 12 Noon
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m

Public Services
Collection of Real Estate/Personal Property- due dates:  Aug 1, Nov 1, Feb 1 and May 1
Collection of Excise Tax Bills
Collection of Water / Sewer Bills
Municipal Lien Certificate

Payment drop-off box outside of Henry Woods building near elevator door.

PAY YOUR CURRENT TAX BILL ONLINE BY CLICKING THE "ONLIINE BILL PAYMENT" OPTION ON OUR WEBSITE.  There is a convenience fee associated with using a credit or debit card.
A personal folder of all online payments made will be available to you anytime you log on to online bill payment.  This is convenient at Income Tax preparation time.  Receipts will also be emailed to you anytime a payment is successfully made online.  A second receipt will be emailed to you when the Town receives your payment and the payment is posted to your tax bill.  

PAYING USING ACH ONLINE IS FREE.  Please note that notification of payment to the Town is not instantaneous, but credit will be given based on the time payment was actually made online.

You can now pay any tax  owed using your credit card in the office or over the phone.  There is  a convenience fee associated with using a credit or debit card.  The Town does not set th amount of the fee nor does it keep the fee.   

Go to online bill payment and search your account.   A copy of your tax bill is available for viewing or printing whether you pay your bill online or not.  ***After the due date has passed and the file is updated with new amounts due, the copy of the bill will no longer be available so be sure to copy it to your hard drive for future reference.

Treasurer Nancy A Talbot                  Assistant Treasurer Gabrielle Voelker

Henry Woods Building - Second Floor 
40 West Street Box 426
Barre, MA 01005 -046
Phone: (978) 355-5000 x131  Fax: (978)355- 5032

Office Hours: 
Wednesday & Thursday 
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m
1:00 p.m. to  4:00 p.m.

Accounts payable/receivable
Reconciliation & Maintenance of Town Accounts
Employee Benefits

Henry Woods Building
40 West St. - Third Floor
Box 5
Barre, MA 01005-0697
Phone: (978) 355-3418 Fax: (978) 355-3418


Administrative Assistant: Mary Ann Gendron

Hours are by appointment only




1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month
Henry Woods Building

Board Members
Kurt Wells, Chairman 2015

Philip Hubbard  2013

Michel Merle  2013

John O'Leary 2013

Neil Anders  2016

Associate Member:  Vacant

Henry Woods Building
40 West St. - Third Floor
Box 5
Barre, MA 01005-0697
Phone: (978) 355-3418 Fax: (978) 355-3418


Administrative Assistant: Mary Ann Gendron

Hours are by appointment only


Board Members

Joshua Smith, Chairman  2013

Richard Gariepy  2014

Robert Luukko  2015

Brad Jeffrey Reno, Alternate  2015

Alternate Position:  Vacant

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